Corporate Governance:

The Company places great emphasis on values such as empowerment and integrity of its employees, safety of the employees & communities surrounding our plants, transparency in decision making process, fair & ethical dealings with all, pollution free clean environment and last but not the least, accountability to all the stakeholders.

Our governance structure is based on the principles of freedom to the executive management within a given framework to ensure that the powers vested in the executive management are exercised with due care and responsibility so as to meet the expectation of all the stakeholders. In line with these principles, the Company has formed three tiers of Corporate Governance structure, viz.

Board of Directors
The primary role of the Board is to protect the interest and enhance value for all the stakeholders. It conducts overall strategic supervision and control by setting the goals & targets, policies, reporting mechanism & accountability and decision making process to be followed.

Committees of the Board of Directors
such as Audit Committee and HRR Committee are focused on financial reporting, audit & internal controls, compliance issues, appointment and remuneration of Directors and Senior Management Employees, implementation and monitoring of CSR activities and the risk management framework.

Executive Management:
The entire business including the support services are managed with clearly demarcated responsibilities and authorities at different levels. Executive Management is delegated at approriate level such as Chief Executive Officer, Core Executive Committee, Plant Head, and Functional Heads.

Chief Executive Officer
The CEO is responsible for achieving the Company’s vision and mission, business strategies, project execution, mergers and acquisition, significant policy decisions and all the critical issues having significant business & financial implications. He is also responsible for the overall performance and growth of the Company and ensures implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors and its various Committees.

Core Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is constituted and headed by CEO and comprised of the CEO, Chairman, Executive Director Operation, Director Commercial, General Manager Plant, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, Manager Planning and Budgeting, and Manager Purchase. This committee is a brain storming committee where all important business issues are discussed and decisions are taken. This Committee reviews and monitors monthly performances, addresses challenges faced by the business, draws strategies and policies and keep the Board informed about important developments having bearing on the operational and financial performance of the Company.

Plant Head
Executive Director Operation (EDO) is responsible for the monitoring and execution of the BMR and expansion projects. He also provides guidance in the plant operation of the Plant. General Manager Plant is responsible for the day to day operation, maintenance and affairs of the plant. GM Works reports to EDO.

Functional Heads
Each Functional Head is responsible for the day-to-day business and related functions within their respective domain.

Risk Management Committee
The Risk Management Committee comprises of the CEO, Chairman of the Audit Committee, CFO, Financial Controller, and Chief Internal Auditor. The committee is required to lay down the procedures to inform to the Board about the risk assessment and minimization procedures and the Board shall be responsible for framing, implementing and monitoring the risk management plan of the Company. The Risk Management Committee met once in the Financial Year.

Key Executive Management:
Mr. Abdul Shoeb Piracha (Director Commercial)
Mr. Muhammad Shamail Javed ACA (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. Syed Firasat Abbas (General Manager Plant)
Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Rizvi FCA (General Manager Taxation)
Mr. Lt. Col (R) Syed iftikhar Ali (General Manager Admin)
Mr. Rana Muhammad Ejaz (General manager Marketing)
Mr. Farukh Naveed ACA (Senior Manager Finance)
Mr. Muhammad Tahir (Manager Planning and Budgeting)
Mr. Mohsin Baig (Manager Purchase)
Mr. Hassan Mehdi ACA (Chief Internal Auditor)